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Moorgate station - Thameslink train

Farringdon to Moorgate  26/9/07

Train Operating Company: First Capital Connect

Dept: Farringdon 11.25  Arrive: Moorgate  11.30

Weather: sunny

Although you can travel from Farringdon to Moorgate on the Circle or Metropolitan lines, this Network railway line is quite well hidden from the general train travelling public. Trains coming from Bedford and Luton on the Thameslink service pass through Farringdon on their way to Brighton, Wimbledon and Sutton every few minutes, but those going to Moorgate only pass though at sporadic intervals, usually in the rush hour. The one I cought was the last train going to Moorgate until four o'clock so it was interesting to see how full it was. There were some people on the train, mainly city types, but it was mostly empty carriages for this short five minute journey. It was interesting to leave the Thameslink main line just south of Farringdon station and travel parallel to the underground line on the left. Most of the line is open to the elements, though there are tall buildings on either side of it which make it seem quite dark at times. Barbican has a small platform adjacent to the underground platform and just one person gets on for this tiny journey. Soon after we go underground and we stay that way until we reach the lights of Moorgate station, arriving at the platform adjacent to the underground lines platform.                          MC